Added a second Stellar asset: KTO

Another Stellar asset, KTO, issued from (GDP3D7YILHCLDFYHRCPK3AC6AXIJQ5FNJVK33KLELMERJXN4FD4F5KTO), has been added for branding symmetry. A 1:1 trading pair, Indocoin/KTO has been started. KTO is also able to be sent to the stellar gateway at along with the Indocoin asset. Withdraws to Stellar are currently sent as Indocoin however. You will be able to obtain KTO on Stellar by using the trading pair there.

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Stellar Market and Gateway

A stellar gateway is now deployed for Kratom and Indocoin at with simple instructions on how to deposit and withdraw to and from the stellar network to and

Stellar trade pair with XLM (Lumens) is now active in these places:

The asset is named Indocoin but also represents Kratom 1:1. — Advanced stellar users can now feel free to list against any other assets on the stellar network. Use the anchor domain to add a trust line on your account before depositing to the stellar network.


Kratom is now paired with BitShares.

See the following links:

Deposit and withdraw from the above sites using the following sites:

These instructions also appear on the bottom of the above sites:
Send INDOCOIN that you have on BitShares or CryptoBridge to btswnfn and fill out the loom location as the memo to receive it here.
The glyph should match this.
You may also withdraw from here to your BitShares or CryptoBridge account using your id.
Use to search using your account name to find your id.
Most bitshares IDs have “1.2.” as their prefix.